What Are All-on-4/Teeth in a Day?

Teeth in a day, or an all-on-4 is a popular term for a treatment procedure used for patients with terminal dentition. In these cases, the upper or lower teeth are completely replaced with 4 or more implants using a specific protocol that allows the patient to walk away with teeth that very same day.

This innovative protocol provides patients with an opportunity to replace the upper or lower arch with a full mouth restoration by replacing the failing teeth with implants in as little as one day. The protocol is designed to anchor 4 or more implants to support an entire set of natural looking teeth all in one day. This protocol is unique because we angle the implants which allows to cover more space with less bone than what traditional implants require.

How do I know if am a candidate for an all-on-4 treatment?

An all-on-4 treatment is designed to restore a patient’s entire smile in one day. However, not everyone is a candidate for the procedure. This procedure is truly designed for those who have terminal dentition in which traditional treatment methods are too costly or just not possible. Some examples include those who have dentures and are looking for something more fixed or natural, those who may require several implants, or others who need to replace several damaged teeth. If you feel that you might be a candidate, we can provide you with a comprehensive exam to determine what treatment is right for you. 

Who Is Qualified to Place All-on-4?

Technically any dentist is licensed to perform this procedure and although some may imply that they are qualified, they have not received the same training as a surgical specialist. This is a dentist who has additional formal training after dental school in just surgery. The extra years of training provides us with a better understanding of the complex anatomy for this procedure.

Are All-on-4 Implants as Strong as Traditional Dental Implants?

The all-on-4 procedure follows the same principles of traditional implant therapy. However, it differs in that it uses a metal substructure that connects the four implants to allow them to support an entire set of teeth. This allows the patient the ability to replace an entire set of teeth in a day, reestablish their bite to allow them to eat the foods they enjoy, recreate a smile that you will love.

What Will Happen During My Procedure?

Highlands Ranch Periodontics utilizes the most advance technology for this protocol. What is this technology? Well, we like to call it digital design. This is a system that allows us to design all the implant positions on the computer so that we can place your implants in the most optimal position. Once we are satisfied with the design, we will 3D print a tailored guide for your surgery. This guide is used as a template to place the implants in the exact location that we digitally designed.  On your day of surgery,  we will work with our team of nurse anesthetists to provide a sedation state that will allow you to feel relaxed throughout the entire procedure. Once you are relaxed, we will remove the failing dentition and replace them with implants. Once placed, your dentist/our restorative team will secure your new smile to the recently placed implants.

What is the recovery time?

The recovery time can range from 4-6 months depending on the patient. During this time you will be required to eat a softer diet than usual and we find that most patients easily accommodate

Do I have to maintain my teeth after the procedure?

Even though we are replacing your teeth, the new prosthesis will require daily and long term maintenance. The daily maintenance typically consists of using a water pik twice a day. As for the long-term maintenance this typically requires a biannual visit in which our team removes the prosthesis and professionally cleans them. We will also monitor the bone levels around the implants along with the mechanics.

We offer free consultations for all-on-4 treatment! To learn more about the procedure or if you’re interested in making an appointment, please call Highlands Ranch Periodontics at (303) 683-1144 located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.