At Highlands Ranch Periodontics & Implant Center, we understand the importance of a healthy smile. That’s why our team of experienced periodontists are dedicated to providing top-notch periodontal and dental implant services in Highlands Ranch, CO.

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Highlands Ranch Periodontics & Implant Center

Highlands Ranch Periodontics & Implant Center is proud to serve Highlands Ranch and surrounding communities. 

Nestled in Douglas County, Highlands Ranch stands out as a vibrant and welcoming community known for its picturesque scenery and rich local culture. This suburb of Denver is celebrated for its family-friendly atmosphere, exceptional schools, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities.

Nature enthusiasts are drawn to Highlands Ranch for its extensive network of trails and parks, including the sprawling Backcountry Wilderness Area, offering over 8,000 acres of exploration and wildlife viewing. Redstone Park is another local gem, boasting athletic fields, tennis courts, and a picturesque pond.

The community also thrives on its cultural events, from summer concerts to farmers’ markets, making Highlands Ranch an attractive place to live and visit.

Our Periodontists

Dental Implants & Periodontal Procedures

We offer comprehensive periodontal and implant services including scaling and root planing, gum disease management, All-on-4® dental implants and bone grafting.

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Our board-certified periodontists specialize in the following services:

Highlands Ranch Periodontics & Implant Center

“We are on a mission to ensure that every individual in our community can confidently showcase their smile and enjoy the benefits of optimal oral health. We believe that by providing compassionate care and valuable education, we contribute to the well-being and confidence of our neighbors, creating a happier and healthier South Denver. Our passion is deeply rooted in the smiles we create and the lives we enhance through our commitment to oral wellness.”

With a dedication to continuing education and fostering professional relationships, our team at Highlands Ranch Periodontics & Implant Center is committed to providing our patients with top-quality care and personalized treatment plans tailored to their individual needs.

If you live in Highlands Ranch or the surrounding communities of Southglenn, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Columbine or Lone Tree, visit us to see why we are the best periodontists in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Visit us at 9090 S Ridgeline Blvd. #255 Highlands Ranch, CO 80129. If you are searching for a periodontist near me, trust Highlands Ranch Periodontics & Implant Center.

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