When you’re preparing for a surgical procedure at our office, there are a few instructions you should follow in order to keep your mouth healthy. You will receive a hard copy of these instructions before your procedure, but we have also provided them below as a helpful reference:

Post op Instructions 1

Pre-Op Instructions

  • Take any prescribed antibiotics as directed before your procedure.
  • Discontinue the use of blood thinners as directed by your doctor prior to surgery.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. 
  • Make sure you have a ride to and from our office is you are undergoing anesthesia.
  • If the sounds of the dental office drills make you uncomfortable, please feel free to bring an iPod and earbuds.
  • You may be asked to fast 12-24 hours before your surgery, depending on the treatment you’re receiving.
  • Remember to make and keep your follow-up appointments at our office.
  • Prepare soft foods before your procedure to have on hand. Some ideas include pudding, applesauce, milkshakes, soup, Jell-O, or oatmeal.

Post-Op Instructions

  • You may be prescribed pain medication following your procedure. Please take this medication only as directed. Avoid drinking alcohol with these medications. If you’re not prescribed medication, use Tylenol and Motrin to control the pain and swelling.
  • Let us know about any medications that you may be allergic to prior to your procedure.
  • Antibiotics may be prescribed following your treatment, so please be sure to take these antibiotics as directed.
  • Keep an eye on your bleeding. A small amount is normal, but if you’re experiencing excessive bleeding or bleeding that won’t stop, please contact our office right away.
  • To minimize post-surgical swelling, we recommend using an ice pack for 20 minutes on and then 20 minutes off. Use ice packs for a few days or until the swelling goes down.
  • A piece of gauze will be used to keep the surgical site sterile. Replace this gauze as directed and avoid disrupting the wound.
  • Avoid rinsing or brushing around the surgical site for around 24 hours after your surgical procedure. Brush around the site, but do not disrupt the clot that protects the wound.
  • Do not smoke for at least 2 weeks after your surgery. Smoking can cause an infection in the wound and can slow the healing process.  
  • Remember to make and keep your follow-up appointments at our office.
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